Pinetucky is open to the public, and membership is not required to use the facilities. However, special reduced rates, discounts and privileges are available to bona fide club members and their guests, including a reduced rate for use of the banquet facilities. A membership applies to all family members that are legal tax deductions, and affords an opportunity to sponsor guest visits for friends or associates.
Full Member  Associate Member  Non-Resident Associate Member  Corporate Member
Full Member
As a full member of Pinetucky, you are afforded a number of unique privileges. First, you receive your personal keys to the ranges, and enjoy use of the facilities at your convenience, even when the club is normally closed. Secondly, you may reserve the clubhouse facilities, for a nominal clean up fee, for your personal use, e.g. business functions, office parties, social occasions, etc...  Finally, in addition to shooting at special reduced membership rates,  your first year's annual dues are included in the cost of the full membership.
Associate Member
As an Associate member, you'll enjoy shooting at special reduced membership rates during normal business hours and you may also reserve the clubhouse facilities for your personal use at a nominal fee. Annual dues are not included in your first year's membership.
Non-Resident Associate Member
Members who reside 50 miles or more away, as the crow flies, from Pinetucky, may enjoy the same membership privileges of an Associate Member. Because of your distance from the club, your membership fees are reduced accordingly.
Corporate Member
This special membership offers three full memberships with accompanying privileges. Additional full memberships can be added for an additional fee. Annual dues are included in the first year's membership.
Annual Membership Dues
Membership dues are collected annually to defray the general operational expenses of the club facilities. They are payable from December 1st through January 31st each year. Your membership dues will be prorated based on the month you join.
Please contact us for Membership and Annual fees.