Pistol Range
Pinetucky has a fully equipped N.R.A. approved state-of-the-art Pistol range. This facility will amaze you with its ability to provide just about every type of pistol shooting you can imagine. Our pistol range offers 24 firing points at both 25 and 50 meters. The turning targets are timer controlled and driven by electric motors. The range is modified for practical pistol shooting. As with the rifle range, the firing points are fully covered and the range is baffled for safety. Competitions are held on a regular basis to include Bullseye and International matches to test your skill with the southeast's best shooters.

The four types of pistol competition held at Pinetucky are:
1) IDPA or International Defensive Pistol Association
2) PPC or Practical Police Combat
3) ICORE or International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts
4) USPSA or United States Practical Shooting Association. 

More Info:
PPC is an NRA sanctioned event.